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What is it?

A COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery is a signed attestation made by a GMC registered Doctor that an individual has a verifiable positive COVID-19 PCR or Lateral Flow Test dated at least ten days prior to using for travel. To obtain a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery a person must confirm they are relatively symptom free and are therefore assumed to have a degree of natural immunity.

PCR tests are more widely accepted, however a Lateral Flow Test/Antigen certificate MAY be accepted in certain use cases and by some jurisdictions. A COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery relates solely to COVID-19 and does not offer advice on other medical conditions that may make it inadvisable to travel.

Why might I need one?

Individuals can test positive for COVID-19 for months after an infection despite being fully recovered. It is precisely for this reason that a Certificate of Covid Recovery could be useful for you.

If you have recovered and are still testing positive for Coronavirus but are not showing symptoms, a medical evaluation can assess if you have recovered and are no longer at risk of infecting others.

How to use it

In order to be valid, the COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery MUST BE PRESENTED with your positive PCR or Lateral Flow Test certificate as either one alone is unlikely to be sufficient. If you have sent an NHS screenshot of your notification please ensure you have access to the NHS app which more formally documents that you've had COVID.

How long is it valid for?

Most jurisdictions that accept COVID-19 Certificates of Recovery will allow between 90-180 days from the date of issue, however it is recommended to always check your destination's requirements before you travel.

When can I order one?

Please note that at the current time these certificates are usually valid from 11th Day AFTER your positive COVID-19 result, however some jurisdictions require you to wait 30 days post recovery before a certificate can be considered valid.

This may change and vary from country to country and should be checked prior to travel. Please also ensure the certificate doesn't expire during the time you are traveling.

Why is it Useful?

Some employers, countries, airlines and certain domestic events accept these certificates as proof of a recent COVID-19 infection which may allow for certain exemptions from other COVID-19 restrictions/testing/documentary requirements. This is especially useful for children where regular testing as part of a school response may be problematic or uncomfortable for the child.

Moreover, it is often the case that PCR and Lateral Flow Tests remain positive for weeks and sometimes months after infection. A COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery in circumstances where it is accepted instead of a PCR or lateral flow test may bypass this particular issue.

What are the criteria for a certificate to be issued?
  • Aged 2+.
  • A PCR or Verified Lateral Flow Test certificate from an accredited provider or an NHS notification with your name and the date of test visible. These documents should be uploaded with your submission.
  • Ten full days after your PCR result
  • Relatively symptom free. Please note a residual cough may last for many weeks after infection with COVID-19
  • No significant underlying medical condition or medication that impacts the immune system
  • Are not currently nor have ever been advised to shield due to COVID-19
What else must I check?
  • That your original results certificates in conjunction with a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery are considered valid for the destination(s) you are traveling to and from at the time of travel
  • That the certificate is valid for the return journey home, and that you have made arrangements for any required testing if it is not, or if additional testing is required in conjunction with the certificates.
  • That the airline will accept a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery/COVID-19 recovery letter.
  • Before you travel please check the travel rules surrounding COVID-19 on both the UK Government website as well as the websites for the country or countries you are traveling to. If you are attending an event or place of work please also confirm you are able to use a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery if you were planning to do so for entry.
How does the questionnaire work?

Please make certain you have your passport and COVID-19 PCR test result to hand

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  • You will be refunded if we cannot issue you a certificate
We accept no liability for fraudulently submitted information and/or documents. Individuals who provide forged or tampered documents will be reported to the UK authorities and are exposing themselves to a possible criminal conviction and/or significant fine.